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Meet Debbie


"Storytelling is a way of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film, or in words, is captured remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything."

Hello there...Ever since my earliest of memories while I was growing up in Scotland, I have enjoyed stories: picture books, novels, poetry, movies, art, theater, television. Every medium in which i could escape to a magical place, or look at something i enjoyed, over & over. As an adult, my love of these things never changed. Only now, I can finally realize my dreams of TELLING those stories. As I work away in the stillness of the evening pursuing the literary book writing dream I am passionate about, I get to spend the day working hard at building my photography business, pouring into my community, and running Shutter Station photobooth.

Meet Debbie

IMy writing progress, & stories about my life in general, can be read about on The Debbie Laughlin Blog. 2013 brought many of changes to my life, most significantly marrying the funny, sweet & good hearted husband of mine, Aaron, & becoming step mother to his daughter Rory. In 2017, we are relocating to our forever home, New Braunfels, TX, Through my business I have met so many wonderful people and families, each one allowing me to grow, as I age. It truly is a blessing, getting to do what I love, and to be able to navigate into new dreams as chapters end, and new stories begin. When not working on my business or spending time with friends & family. I am actively involved in my church. God is so important in my life, and in how I run my business. Truly I am so grateful for everything I have gone through to get to where I am today. Some of my most favourite things are listed here, starting with my heritage and culture. Who I am is very important in my own personal story. I love being Scottish! I also enjoy cooking for my family, and long for Friday night dinners and Sunday roasts! Coffee, diet coke & wine are my beverages of choice. I also adore cozy p.j's, blankets, autumn, gnomes, twinkly lights, the colour red, boots, fun socks, reading, writing, bubble baths, & chocolate. Follow me and lets get to know each other!